Next Step to Women's Discipleship

"A Small discipleship group is a place to learn how to be intimate and self-revealing in a safe place over time."  by Greg Ogden

Interested to learn more about Discipleship? Take a moment to read the introduction of Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden.

Below are the resources from Michelle Telfer's Ministries through You can also access The Discipleship Workshop materials by Mary Wong and the theme song, Disciples of Christ by Emily Wu. Thank you and may God's love inspire you to start the Discipleship journey today. 

  • Isn’t it enough to be a good person?

  • Do Christians have to share their faith, if so how?

  • Is it possible to hear from God, if so how?

  • Do Christians have to forgive and if so how is that possible?

  • Why would a good God allow suffering?

  • Is the Resurrection fact of fiction and does it matter?

  • Is Jesus the only way to God? 

  • What is the Trinity?

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