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This is a 3 Hour continuous documentary that is split into 10 divisions or chapters, (separated by the minute markers as seen on the schedule)  Why watch this movie? This documentary greatly impacted me and exposed me to other sects of Christianity that have alternate views of God, Justice, atonement, Hell. It is my hope that from watching this documentary our faith in the gospel message will be strengthened. I believe this is a perfect segue from Easter.

Watch preview:

Materials needed:

The main video will have to be purchased by each household, it can be purchased through these sites.
1)  Purchase directly from American Gospel Film. 

2)  Amazon digital or Fandango for $6.99 which is the cheaper option. 

3) Rent the movie at Amazon Prime Video for $0.99 or buy it for $3.99.


Study guide is a free pdf by the American Gospel filmmakers. This should be given to teachers and students. Contact Matthew Cheung if you have any questions or have trouble getting the movie downloaded.