Instructions for preparing to partake in

The Lord’s Supper at Home

Every first Sunday of the month we partake in this Supper together. The CCCTO Pastors, Elders, and Ministers of our church encourage and invite you to prepare to share in the Lord’s Supper in your homes during the live-stream. Here are our suggestions:

1 Corinthians 11:23-29 and Acts 2:42, 46-47 both teach us the Lord’s Supper is to be taken by Believers in Jesus Christ. When we do this, we are to remember that the bread represents our Lord’s body and the juice represents His Blood. This is why the Bible teaches us that we must take this Supper in holy reverence and not in an unworthy manner.  Therefore, before partaking each of us should examine ourselves to be sure of our faith in Jesus Christ and that we are indeed following Him.

These Scriptures also reveal that the Lord’s Supper was partaken in both the temple and homes; and no particular person is instructed to lead; therefore, we believe it is acceptable and good for us all to share in this sacred event in and out of the church building, led by any true believer in Jesus Christ.

Because of the current difficulties in shopping and leaving our homes, we also want you to have the peace and freedom in the next two suggestions:

1) Any kind of bread or cracker is fine. Though we use unleavened bread at CCCTO (just as the Israelites used at Passover and thus Jesus also used at the Last Supper) it is fine to use any kind of bread or cracker you have at home. 


2) Any juice you have is fine. If you do not have grape juice, any red juice is fine; and if you do not have any red juice, then any juice is still ok. In all these suggestions, we are seeking to have us focus on the Lord’s Body and Blood, and not on the elements themselves. Let us remember that it is God’s grace and our faith which are most necessary.


Please prepare and plan to join us in our live-streaming worship on Sunday until we can gather together again.