CCCTO English Ministry
Spiritual Retreat

Aug 31 - Sept 2, 2024

Saturday - Monday

Forest Home Christian Camps

40000 Valley of the Falls Drive Forest Falls, CA 92339

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Adult Speaker: Dr. Brian Chan Message from Brian Chan

Youth Speaker: Pastor Kevin Leong

Theme:  "Believing Is Belonging" -  We are all given gifts to fulfill a bigger purpose. What are our roles in the Church as Christians? Why do we need the church and one another? 

No athlete joins a team hoping to sit on the sidelines every practice and game. Church membership is far more important than participating in team sports. But sadly, individualism, consumerism along with many other distraction have left many church members intentionally or unintentionally sidelined. Jesus calls all of us to be involved and get to work.  In this retreat, Dr. Brian Chan will encourage and challenge us with the book of Ephesians. Through the series, Dr. Chan would cover the identity of the believer, being united in a diverse body of believers, needing each other to grow in Christ's love, spiritual gifts, and how to practically be united as a community as a witness to the world. 

Whether you are a non-believer; a new believer or a seasoned believer in Christ, this retreat is important and is for you and each one of us. The church body needs you and you need the church body. 

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2023 Highlight Video

Dr. Brian Chan

Adult Ministry Speaker

Brian S. Chan was a church planting and senior pastor in Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Burbank for 18 years. He was an adjunct professor at Biola University for 17 years for Biblical Theological Studies, Art Department, and Cinema Media Arts. He has been a speaker of pastoral leadership and youth conferences and an author of nonfiction and fiction books. Chan is presently a professor in Media Arts and Worship at Dallas Theological Seminary. He lives in Frisco, Texas with his wife Ellen and son Josiah. As a pastor, his delight and desire has been to see people find Jesus, grow in Christ-likeness, and develop a mad love for God.

Dr. Chan's Sermon Clip

Pastor Kevin Leong

Youth Ministry Speaker

Kevin Leong serves as the college pastor at Renew Church OC and has his MA in Christian Ministry & Leadership from Talbot Seminary. He’s married to his wife, Kimberly, and a proud father of his newborn daughter, Kaia. 

They currently live near Brea, CA and are passionate about the Church, Asian American identity, faith & work, and the integration of mental health and Scripture. He also loves anything NBA, Esports, storytelling, cultural foods & customs, and things other people are passionate about.

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We are excited you will join us this year! Please browse through this website for more information. 

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Map • Schedule • Direction



Check- in: Between 10:30AM - 12:30 PM at Hormel Hall

Location: Forest Home Christian Camps (40000 Valley of the Falls Drive, Forest Falls, CA)

FOREST CENTER MAP (Location of meeting room & cabins)

FOREST HOME MAP (Location of activities)

For a list of suggested items to bring, please visit this link on the retreat website (Note: Preferred is the same as Premium). Here are a few things we want to highlight:
  • If you have signed up for a standard cabin, please bring your own towels, linens (bed sheets/blankets or sleeping bags) and pillows.
  • There is no A/C in the Standard cabins, you may want to bring a small portable fan.  There is A/C in the Premium cabins.
  • One-piece swimsuits are required for ladies. Men are required to wear a shirt in all areas except when at the pool, creek or lake.
  • We suggest bringing your own water bottle as there are water filling stations throughout the retreat site where you can refill your bottles.
  • A thermal mug with lid for hot beverages.  No paper cups will be provided so please bring your own favorite mug.
  • There is a retail center at Forest Home.  Vendors at the retail center only accept credit/debit cards or Forest Home Store Card. You can purchase an eGift card by visiting

Follow this navigation link or search for "Forest Home Check-in Kiosk" for an accurate location of the main parking lot.  As you approach the San Bernardino Mountains, we recommend that you follow the step-by-step instructions on this link to the parking space nearest to Hormel Hall (slide 4 of 5).  Cellular service is very poor in the canyon, therefore, we highly recommend that you download and map out the correct directions ahead of time.

***Searching only for "Forest Home" or by postal address may take you to the wrong location on their 500-acre campus, and without cellular phone service, it can be a challenge to locate lost visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can I find the photos of the cabins? 

You may view the photos of various cabins here, but the ones we have available are the premium lodging which is like an Airbnb style with all the linens provided. View here

2. What is the dress code?

In general, Forest Homes’ expectations for camp attire are driven by modesty, showing sensitivity to the concerns of others at camp. In the swimming areas, all females should wear one-piece bathing suits (no bikinis or tankinis) and that guys should stay away from wearing revealing briefs or speedos. Forest Home also limits swimwear to appropriate areas only and asks that you wear a coverup to and from the pool or lake. Closed Toe Shoes are required to participate in Canyon Park Activities.

3. Can we bring snacks?

Due to the local wildlife, guests are not allowed to store food in cars or sleeping rooms in the Standard cabins. Premium cabins fitted with refrigerators and/or kitchens may store food in their cabins. However, please put food in air-tight, opaque containers, away from doors and windows. Guests may also store “dry” snacks, which consist of packaged snacks, bottled water, sodas and juices, in the meeting room in a sealed plastic container away from doors and windows and, if possible, out of sight. If you store your personal snacks in the meeting room, please mark them clearly with your name.

4. Can we bring our pet?

No. Please leave your pets at home. Forest Home doesn't allow pets.

5. Is there a water refilling station?

Yes, water stations are available throughout the camp site. We ask that you bring your own water bottle to get water refilled.

6. Where do we park our car?

Parking is available near the cabins

7. Are there lifeguards in the water acitivity area?

Yes, during the recreation time, lifeguards will be available.

8. Do each cabin have their own bathroom?


9. Do the cabins have air conditioning?

Yes. The premium cabins are air conditioned with linens provided. The main meeting room is air conditioned.

10. Is Cellular signal available?

Wifi is available at all major gathering locations (meeting spaces, dining halls, etc.) and select cabins (such as Cedar Ridge).  Every guest will be able to log onto the “Forest Home Guest” Wifi network which will give them the following two options for securing Wifi during the retreat.  

  • Purchase: 72 hours of unlimited Wifi for roughly $15
  • Free: 2 hours of continuous Wifi for free every 24 hours

11. Where would my children go during the retreat?

Your children are encouraged to join the Children's Program. Both Nursery care and Children's Program (age 3 to 11) are available during the retreat. For the incoming 6th graders, they can choose to join the Youth program or stay at the Children's Program. We are still working on the Children's program, more details to come.

12. When is the check out time on Monday?

The check out time on Monday is at 11:00 am. Please vacate your cabin by 9AM on Monday. Return cabin keys to the staff at the check-out table in Hormel Hall between 9:00AM-9:30AM.  All retreat members must leave the premises by 11:00AM. 

13. How much free time do we have?

We will have two "Free Time" slot on both Saturday and Sunday. The exact schedule has not been set yet. Click here to view the Free time Activities.