• General Assembly – All active members of our church comprise what we call our General Assembly (GA).  The GA has the final authority to ratify, once the Executive Board has voted to set these forth as recommendations for election, all amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws; candidates for the offices of Elder, Pastor, Deacon, and Trustee; and the annual church budget.  

  • Pastoral Team – CCCTO’s Pastoral Team (PT) consists of all active elders and full-time ordained pastors serving at our church.  As the spiritual leadership team, the PT shepherds our entire church and the English Ministry Pastor will be serving alongside church elders and the Mandarin and Cantonese pastors where decisions are made as a team.  

  • Trustee Board – The Board of Trustees (TB) is authorized to represent CCCTO with regards to legal and financial matters.

  • Executive Board – The PT, TB, and church deacons comprise the Executive Board (EB) which is the governing body of CCCTO overseeing matters of business and voting to approve matters that require GA ratification.  Every member of the EB, with the exception of the TB members, has an equal vote.  

  • English Ministry – As the shepherd to our English Ministry, our pastor will help to mentor, equip, and develop the Youth Pastor, Children Ministry Director, Deacons, and lay leaders of the English Ministry to lead, support and grow our ministries.  

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