Mother's Day Tribute

Calling for Video Submissions by May 7

Upload my video

Help us celebrate Moms with a surprise video on Mother's Day!

Tell us something special about your mom and we will cast this video livestream during May 10's English Worship! 

Here are few ideas:

1) Say "Happy Mother's Day"! 

2) Mom, you are the greatest because  __________________.

3) Thank you Mom, for __________________.

4) Mom, I love your   __________________.

5) Mom, you make the best  __________________.

Video submission requirement:

  • Landscape format
  • Keep phone steady, with good lighting if possible.
  • Keep it short (Max. 15 seconds)
  • Mp4 or mov file format
  • Label your file: YourName_phone.ext (Example: SaraChen_805-111-2345.mp4)
  • Videos must be uploaded by 11:59 pm on May 7 (Thurs).
  • Shhhhh... keep this as a surprise!
  • We reserve the right to publish your video based on the content received.