2018 Elective Workshops

Hope & Healing

  • Workshop #1
    A Story of Hurts, Healing & Hope

  • Workshop #2
    Let's Get to the Root: How to Heal and Maintain a Healthy Brain and Healthy Mind


  • Workshop #3
    No More Hiding: Bringing Depression Out of the Darkness

  • Workshop #4
    The Afflicted One: Depression & Suicide


  • Workshop #5
    Mental Illness and the Family: Resources to Help


  • Workshop #6
    Mental Health Wellness and Common Disorders


Helping Others

  • Workshop #10
    Say This, Not That: How to Encourage Someone with Mental Illness

Hope & Healing - #1

A Story of Hurts, Healing & Hope

Rev., Dr. Curtis and Carol

Pastor Curtis and Carol know first-hand the pain of mental illness. He has struggled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for over 40 years, and Carol has dealt with Bipolar for over 30 years. But they have found ongoing help and healing through being able to serve as a pastoral family throughout their marriage. Their story is not over and they still face pain along with hope as they pursue mental health. They long to share their story to give others encouragement and ideas about how they too can be joyful and productive in the midst of the battle.

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Hope & Healing - #2

Let's Get to the Root : How to Heal and Maintain a Healthy Brain and Healthy Mind

Bev Garcia

When repeated, these practical, research-based strategies heal and nurture the mind, body, and spirit by promoting healthy choices. You will learn from experts that what works for others may work for you in your relationships.

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Depression - #3

No More Hiding: Bringing Depression out of the Darkness

Melissa Maimone

Depression can steal joy, purpose, and even faith. How can we live a full life in Christ even when depression or other mental illness is part of our story? This is a look at shame, faith, and the freedom that comes from discovering the light that lives even in the darkest places.

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Depression - #4

The Afflicted One: Depression & Suicide

Dr. Phillip Lowe

Do you know someone who may be clinically depressed? A loved one? Your children? Your friend? Or even your parents? Are you concerned about the well-being, or even safety issues of those who are depressed? How can you be helpful to those with depression? How should you respond to suicidal threats or signs of risk? If you find yourself thinking about these questions, then this workshop is for you. 

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Resources - #5

Mental Illness & The Family: Resources to Help

David Deutsch

Mental illness occurs in one in four adults in the United States. Mental illness also impacts the family members of the person who has the diagnosis - often in ways that are long-term and life-changing. This workshop will discuss resources that NAMI provides that can help family members to better understand how they can support their loved one who has a diagnosis of mental illness. Community resources will also be discussed and the process of recovery will be highlighted as well.

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Medical - #6

Mental Health Wellness & Common Disorders

Dr. Phillip Lowe

When a friend says, "I am a little depressed, anxious, or OCD," does it mean your friend has a mental disorder? What makes an emotional issue a disorder? What do you know about the common clinical disorder, such as depression, anxiety, paranoia, obsessive-compulsive, phobia, psychosis, PTSD, bipolar disorders?

This workshop will explain the above-mentioned mental health disorders in plain language, as well as, offer helpful tips on how to live with strong mental health despite our stressful lifestyles.

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Cultural - #7

Part I: Some of the Reasons for Mental Disorders

Rev., Dr. Youping Wang (Mandarin Only)

Factors affecting psychological disorders include heredity; innate and acquired causes; and biological, relational, and spiritual influences. This workshop will help us to understand the roles of these risk elements in different cases and will aid us to promote the recovery of those with mental illness. 

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Cultural - #8

Part II: How to Encouraging Someone Who Has Mental Illness

Rev., Dr. Youping Wang (Mandarin Only)

Do you know that people with mental disorders and physical disabilities have different mental and physical characteristics? Do you know how to be a supportive family member with a person with mental illness?  This workshop will address these areas.    

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Cultural - #9

Mental Health Matters - Confronting Stigma in the Asian American Community

Dr. Anna Huang

The Asian and Asian American communities have historically underutilized mental health services. This workshop explores the reasons why Asian Americans have undervalued mental health, and the ways we can combat mental health stigma to build a healthier community.

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Helping Others - #10

Say This, Not That: How to Encourage Someone with Mental Illness

Melissa Maimone

When we love someone with a mental illness, we often feel helpless. How can we best minister to a loved one? What is helpful? What isn't? This is an exploration of some of the things we can say and do (and not do!) to be a source of encouragement and strength.

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Workshop Speakers

  • David deutsch  

    David Deutsch is the Executive Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Ventura County. David is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC). He has worked in the field of mental health and substance use disorder treatment for more than 14 years. He has been a Clinical Director for Telecare Corporation and Malibu Beach Recovery Centers. He has worked extensively with persons who have co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders as well as with the mentally ill homeless population in Ventura County. David served on the Board of Directors for NAMI Ventura County for three years prior to becoming the Executive Director in September of 2015. He has received awards from the Mental Health Board of Ventura County and from the Parole, Police, and Corrections Team for outstanding community service. 

  • bev garcia

    Bev Garcia is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a skilled and experienced instructional designer. She has practiced over 20 years in the classroom as well as online and on-the-job training. In her undergraduate years, she was active in the Navigators and CRU, learning basics of Christian discipleship. In 1992 and 1995, she earned two graduate degrees in Education: Instructional Design and Technology from The University of Iowa (Masters and Educational Specialist, to focus on training professors and teachers instead of academic research). She maintains a Certified Public Secondary School Master Teacher License in California in English Language Arts with certification in Special Education (Mild/Moderate Behavior Disorders). She has taught in public and private schools. 

  • dr. anna huang

    Dr. Anna Huang earned her doctoral (Ph.D.) and master’s degree (M.A.) in Clinical Psychology from the Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University. While completing her graduate studies, Dr. Huang provided psychological assessments and therapy services to children, adolescents, and adults in multiple settings. She completed her internship at the Asian Pacific Family Center, a branch of Pacific Clinics specifically devoted to meeting the mental health needs of the local Asian and Asian-American community.

    Currently, Dr. Huang is a Psychological Assistant at the Center for Individual and Family Therapy (CIFT), where she works with adolescents, adults, and couples. She is committed to integrating spirituality and psychology, and using her own personal and clinical experience to advocate for greater openness to mental health in the church and the Asian community.

  • Rev., dr. Curtis & Carol lowe

    Rev., Dr. Curtis Lowe is the English Pastor at the Chinese Christian Church of Thousand Oaks (CCCTO). He has been a pastor for over 30 years and has served four churches as Senior Pastor as well as in Christian Education and youth ministry. He has a B.A. in psychology from San Diego State University; a Master of Divinity (M.Div) from Bethel West Theological Seminar; and a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in Spiritual Formation from Azusa Pacific University. He is also a Certified Spiritual Director (CSD).  Carol has been a homemaker for most of their marriage and has served alongside Curtis while raising their three children. 

  • dr. phillip lowe

    Dr. Phillip Lowe is a licensed psychologist at Kaiser Permanente. He completed his doctoral degree in clinical psychology (Psy.D) and MA in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He also studied Marital and Family Therapy (MFT). He has been involved in radio and family ministry, counseling adults and Asian families in the past years. He has conducted numerous talk shows and live workshops on the topics of Asian and mental health, marital enrichment, manhood, and sexuality. He ministered at CCCTO before moving to Northern California.

  • melissa maimone

    Melissa Maimone is an author, speaker, and living testament that God can shine His light in the darkest of places. With her unique blend of theology, humor, and insight, Melissa demonstrates that an authentic life in Christ can be messy and magnificent at the exact same time. She is the author of Gathering Dandelions: Meditations and Musings on Faith, Fracture, and Beauty Mistaken for a Weed, a book of short stories, prayers, and reflective questions written in her trademark style of down-to-earth humor, authenticity, and a rich understanding of God's grace. Her second book, The Radiant Midnight: Depression, Grace, and the Gifts of a Dark Place will be released by Harvest House Publishers in April 2019. Find out more about Melissa at MelissaMaimone.com

  • rev., dr. youping wang

    Rev., Dr. Youping is the Mandarin Speaking Pastor at the Chinese Christian Church of Thousand Oaks (CCCTO). He was a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist for 10 years in the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology of Xian Medical University of China. He was also an Associate Professor and the Chairman of the Department at the University. 

    After he came to the US in 1992, he worked as a Molecular and Cellular Biology Researcher in the Department of Psychiatry at the Oklahoma University Health Science Center and then in the Metabolic Disorder Department at Amgen Inc. While working, he received an M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine and his Acupuncture License in California. In 2007, he attended the China Evangelical Seminary North America and received his Master of Divinity (M.Div.).

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