Videos & Handouts

YouTube 2018 Enlighten Mental Health Seminar playlist

Plenary Sessions 1 & 2: Powerpoint

Plenary Session #1: Video - The Ministry of Presence to Broken People in a Broken World

Plenary Session #2: Video - A Holistic Christian Perspective on Mental Illness

Workshop #1: Video - A Story of Hurts, Healing & Hope

Workshop #1: Handout - Post on your Refrigerator

Workshop #2: Video - Let's Get to the Root : How to Heal and Maintain a Healthy Brain and Healthy Mind

Workshop #2: Handout - Let's Get to the Root

Workshop #2: Powerpoint - Let's Get to the Root

Workshop #3: Video - No More Hiding: Bringing Depression out of the Darkness

Workshop #3: Handout - No More Hiding

Workshop #4: Video - The Afflicted One: Depression & Suicide

Workshop #5: Handout - Warning signs of Mental Illness

Workshop #6: Video - Mental Health Wellness and Common Disorders

Workshop #7: Video - 心理障礙的原因與對策

Workshop #7: Handout - 心理障礙的原因與對策

Workshop #8: Video - 如何成為有智慧的家屬

Workshop #8: Handout - 如何成為有智慧的家屬

Workshop #9: Video - Mental Health Matters - Confronting Stigma in the Asian American Community

Workshop #9: Handout - Mental Health Matters

Workshop #10: Video - Say This, Not That: How to Encourage Someone with Mental Illness

Workshop #10: Handout - Say This, Not that

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