October 18, 2020
Sunday Worship

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The Christian's Progress by Pastor Curtis Lowe

1 John 2:12-17

“When I grow up I want to be ____.”  When we were little we had dreams of the person we wanted to be as an adult.  John uses this same idea to challenge all his spiritual children to be fully grown-up in Jesus Christ.  God wants every Christian to always be progressing and maturing, from someone with child-like faith, to one who is strong in faith, to one who is wise and mature because of their deep love and intimacy with the Heavenly Father.  This can be all of us: “Onward, Christian, onward!”

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Living In Love With Jesus Christ

A New Sunday Series - 1 John

We are all hungry for love that is real and tangible.  When we attend a wedding we see a couple who is deeply “in love;” when a parent holds their newborn baby they immediately know they are “in love” with this new life.  Our faith in Jesus begins “in love” and never ends.  In 1 John we will be called out of the doldrums, dangers, and disasters of losing our love for God.  And we are called into an intimate, joyful, deep and high and wide experience with God and his family.  I John is a call for renewal, refinement, and an “in love” relationship with Jesus Christ – one that is dynamic, vibrant, and exciting.

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