Dec. 6, 2020
Sunday Worship

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True Love
1 John 3:11-24

Probably the most misused in the world is “love.”  But in this Christmastime 2020, we have the perfect setting to know True Love, both the spiritual and the human.  In light of our current world conditions we are ripe and hungry for love that is genuine, meaningful, and life-giving.  For the coming three Sundays, we are going to join John in looking at the most amazing love – the love that came in the first Christmas.

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Living In Love With Jesus Christ

A New Sunday Series - 1 John

We are all hungry for love that is real and tangible.  When we attend a wedding we see a couple who is deeply “in love;” when a parent holds their newborn baby they immediately know they are “in love” with this new life.  Our faith in Jesus begins “in love” and never ends.  In 1 John we will be called out of the doldrums, dangers, and disasters of losing our love for God.  And we are called into an intimate, joyful, deep and high and wide experience with God and his family.  I John is a call for renewal, refinement, and an “in love” relationship with Jesus Christ – one that is dynamic, vibrant, and exciting.

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