Sunday Sermons - The Story

Started on September 9, our whole English Congregation embarked on a 31-week adventure linking all the major stories of the entire Bible. We are doing this by reading together a condensed chronological version of the New International Version, appropriately called The Story. This church-wide endeavor will inspire and motivate us to read and enjoy the Bible, while applying God's truth to our daily lives. Click here to view the letter from Pastor Curtis and the sermon schedule.

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Chapter 23 - Jesus' Ministry Begins | Video Summary

Chapter 22 - The Birth of a King | Video Summary

Chapter 21 - Rebuilding the Walls | Video Summary

Chapter 20 - The Queen of Beauty and Courage | Video Summary

Chapter 19 - The Return Home | Video Summary

Chapter 18 - Daniel in Exile | Video Summary

Chapter 17 - The Kingdom's Fall | Video Summary

Chapter 16 - The Beginning of the End | Video Summary

Chapter 15 - God's Messengers | Video Summary

Chapter 14 - A Kingdom Torn in Two | Video Summary

Chapter 13 - The King who had it all | Video Summary

Chapter 12 - The Trials of a King | Video Summary

Chapter 11 - From Shepherd to KingVideo Summary

Chapter 10 - Standing Tall, Falling Hard

Chapter 9 - The Faith of a Foreign Woman

Chapter 8 - A Few Good Men...and Women

Chapter 7 - The Battle Begins

Chapter 6 - Wandering

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