CCCTO Building Renovation

UPDATE (as of October 4th): 

A pre-construction meeting is scheduled for October 12th between the contractor and the Renovation Committee.  The Renovation Committee anticipates to have definite dates as to when construction will start after this meeting.  Once we have the construction schedule developed with definite dates, the Renovation Committee will notify those affected by the construction schedule as soon as possible.

Please contact Steve Quon ( if you have any further questions.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.    

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I already voted and my vote was part of the July 9th results.  Do I have to vote again?
    Answer:  Yes.  Since the July 9th General Assembly vote did not meet quorum, per church bylaws, that vote is invalid and our Pastoral Team and Executive Board have the ability to ask for a re-vote.

  2. I also already submitted my pledge when I voted the first time.  Do I need to re-submit my pledge?
    Answer:  Yes.  Since the first vote is rendered invalid due to lack of quorum we will also need to re-pledge.  We pray that you will re-pledge the same amount or, if moved by the Holy Spirit, pledge more.

  3. How much do we presently have in the Church Facility Improvement Fund?
    Answer:  Currently, the amount in our fund is $155,000 including maintenance.

  4. Significant work is going to be done in the Men's and Women's restrooms.  Will the contractor be able to make the schedule?
    Answer:  Yes.  The Contractor is confident that all work can be done in 2 months.  We will plan on 1-2 months additional time to accommodate unanticipated delays.

  5. Does this work require City approval?
    Answer:  Yes.  For example, adding an additional stall in ladies rest room while also meeting the disability access by allowing additional space to maneuver the wheelchair will require approval.

  6. Do we need to have extensive handicap or building code upgrades to the church in general?
    Answer:  Yes, see answer to Question #5 above.

  7. Who will manage the project?
    Answer:  The project will be managed and monitored closely by the current Renovation Committee. 

  8. Why did the cost estimate go up so much?
    Answer:  The original quote was a budgetary estimate at an early stage while the current proposal is more detailed.  The original quote also did not include enlarging the bathrooms, the new partitions, replacing existing door knobs with levers (disability requirement) or new ceilings and flooring for all areas to be renovated (i.e. the scope of the project changed to incorporate more upgrades).

  9. Did we consider adding windows to the doors?
    Answer:  Yes, we did consider this option but decided to exclude due to the increased costs of the overall project.

  10. What changes are included for the Fellowship Hall?
    Answer:  A new movable partition will be installed, the old stage will be replaced with a movable stage, a new AV closet for storage with a viewing window in door will be built, and old carpet will be replaced with new carpet tiles for entire fellowship hall.

  11. What changes are included for the Children's Ministry?
    Answer:  New worship room will include a moveable partition that allows for conversion into 2 smaller class rooms, new nursery will have a viewing window and waiting room for drop off and stroller parking, existing carpet will be replaced with new vinyl flooring (Jacy will pick the style and colors for the ministry).

  12. Will efficiency lighting be implemented?
    Answer:  Only in new restrooms due to the electrical outlet costs.

  13. Will there be changes to our existing HVAC system?
    Answer:  No.

  14. Will there be changes to our plumbing?
    Answer:  Only the plumbing for the toilets will be new.  The main pipe will not be touched.

  15. Has the design for the restrooms been selected?
    Answer:  The lay out, stalls, and fixtures have been selected.  Bathroom tiles and color of walls have not been finalized.

  16. What will be the impact to the current church schedule?
    Answer:  Fellowship and Sunday School schedules will be impacted.  The committee will work on the plan once there is approval to move forward.  Parking spaces will also be impacted during construction.

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